COVID-19 Safety Measures

March 2022

After two years of Covid19 we have manged to survive and stay open against all odds. We have experienced over 1000 cancellations and had to shut with a ten-day track and trace alert in high season. We have sacrificed more than we ever anticipated but we are happy to be still here, trading and welcoming you all through our doors.

As the country is encouraged to move on and cope with covid we are operating without any government guidelines. You are welcome to enter the property without a mask, we have left the sanitising points on entry and around the property. We are no longer fogging the rooms, and you are no longer asked to strip the linen and place in the soluble bags. Things are pretty much back to normal. We still have our tables socially distanced but this is more to give you all comfort and privacy in the restaurant. People are allowed at the bar in numbers over three now too.

If you have any concerns about covid and staying at our property, please contact us. We are willing to fogg the rooms if you require or make any adjustments for you.

We are back to refreshing rooms for longer stays.

Lastly, we are no longer accepting cancellations due to covid operating only on our 14 day cancellation policy. Covid has cost us all but we feel we have sustained 2 years of losses and need to move forward as the whole country is encouraged by our government.

Important Information for our Guests. – May 2021

As the world reopens, we look forward to welcoming guests back to The White Lion Inn. When you next stay with us there will be some changes, but you can always expect the same, warm welcome as we make a responsible approach to reopening, we have thought hard how we can provide a lower risk environment for our guests without intruding on comfort during your stay.

 Temperature Check On Entry

In order to protect other guests and staff we would ask you to check your temperature before starting the journey to The White Lion Inn. We would like to take a temperature check on arrival for guests/staff. We will use an infra-red thermometer which is quick, contactless and unobtrusive. Readings with fever/high temperature 38C or greater we would refuse entry.

Hand Sanitising Station

On arrival we will have a hand sanitising station positioned all day. We ask all our guests to use before entering The White Lion Inn and frequently during the stay. Antibacterial and sanitising solutions are available throughout the property.


We would request guests to use their own ensuite toilets during their stay to reduce contamination risk. However the pub toilets will be open with a thirty minute cleaning schedule.

Fogging Machine

All rooms and general areas will be sanitised using a fogging machine. This emits a fine mist providing a large-scale layer of sterilisation. This treatment is used in ‘Clean Room Technology’ throughout the pharmaceutical sector and hospitals. A non-toxic yet highly effective disinfecting solution sterilises 99.9% of viruses and other air and surface contaminants.

Social Distancing

Accommodating all our rooms we have arranged the furniture in the restaurant with as much separation is possible. We will allocate tables closer to the exits to your rooms to lower crossing paths with other guests. We provide table service for our guests mainly and if approaching the bar keep to one person/couple at a time.

Walk-in Trade – The White Lion Inn

Lunch will be limited to nine inside tables and four outside picnic tables. Dinner subject to reservations only. One person/couple at the bar at a time, no gathering. Queuing one metre apart permitted limited to three positions in the queue from the entrance. Markers are placed on the floor to assist in distancing. Table reservations limited to maximum of six guests, availability permitting.


We request residents place all bedding, towels and linen in a plastic bag provided on departure. We appreciate this is an imposition on our hospitality experience but feel it is important to minimise risk for the pivotal staff who perform this role, ourselves included, in changing the rooms to continue operating.

We look forward to welcoming back everyone to The White Lion Inn.

Kind regards,

Chris & Helenka

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